STEAM Curriculum

  • What is STEAM?!

    • STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • What does STEAM do?

    • STEAM integrates age-appropriate standards ​into real-life scenarios that challenge students to find a solution to a problem.

  • What are the benefits from STEAM?

    • Children will not receive a segregated schedule to learn ​academics. All learning will be done through real-life scenarios to help engage students in finding solution to a problem they might have.

  • What types of real-scenarios are you talking about?

    • Children will be presented with a problem and they will find a solution while learning different academic elements.​

      • I need to find a way to store all of my toys​.

      • I have a box with a lid that broke, how can I open it?

      • I can't reach an item, how can I get there?

  • How are children taught?

    • Teachers will guide students in finding solutions instead of directing or showing them how. This will give students age-appropriate challenges and ​allow them to explore learning through child-based play.


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