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Part Time
(3 or 2 days a week)

We have 2 package options:

3 days/wk: over 3 yrs $152/wk

                   under 3 yrs $171/wk

2 days/wk: over 3 yrs $102/wk

                   under 3 yrs $114/wk

Part Time Enrollment provides you with:

  • High Quality Care

  • 1:8 Teacher: Student Ratio

  • Preschool Program (Ages 3.5 - 5 yrs)

  • Age appropriate learning activities and crafts

  • Social/Emotional skills learned through play!

  • Consistent schedule Monday - Friday

  • Singing, crafts, free and structured play, outside area

  • Assisted potty training

  • Socialization for your child a few days a week!

  • Part Time = 2 or 3 days a week. There is a 2 day minimum. We do not do half days currently. If you're in need for one day a week, check out our Hourly Care!

Preschool Program

Monday - Friday

included in childcare [rates above apply]

Every child, ages 3.5 - 5 years who enrolls in our childcare program will receive our Preschool services! From 9am-11:15am, we provide a preschool program that focuses on letter recognition (sounds, shape, writing), numbers 1-20, phonics, 2-D shapes, fine and large motor skills, reading - pictures, words, and how to correctly look at a book/name the parts of a book, social and emotional skills - role playing and free play, and more!

Your child will be able to tell you "why" instead of memorize the correct answer. They will gain the skills to become independent and work as a team to solve problems and answer questions!

If your child misses days, we will do our best to catch them up on what was missed. Full time is your best option to take full advantage of our preschool!

Preschool ONLY

We have 2 package options:

3 Days/wk:  $36/day

2 Days/wk:  $37.50/day


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