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Preschool in Stevensville, MT

STEAM Curriculum

  • What is STEAM?!

    • STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • What does STEAM do?

    • STEAM integrates age-appropriate standards ​into real-life scenarios that challenge students to find a solution to a problem.

  • What are the benefits from STEAM?

    • Children will not receive a segregated schedule to learn ​academics. All learning will be done through real-life scenarios to help engage students in finding solution to a problem they might have.

  • What types of real-scenarios are you talking about?

    • Children will be presented with a problem and they will find a solution while learning different academic elements.​

      • I need to find a way to store all of my toys​.

      • I have a box with a lid that broke, how can I open it?

      • I can't reach an item, how can I get there?

  • How are children taught?

    • Teachers will guide students in finding solutions instead of directing or showing them how. This will give students age-appropriate challenges and ​allow them to explore learning through child-based play.

Toddler Childcare

In Safe Hands

Toddlers are provided developmentally age appropriate toys as well as guidance throughout the day to support and encourage social and emotional skills. Children are in whole group and age groups to develop friendship skills and learn communication skills.

Infant Care

Starting at 3 months

We provide a safe and loving environment while nourishing your pride and joy. We have an infant room that promotes developmental growth as well as a safe environment. Being a group facility, our ratio is low and we have limited spaces available!

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