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About Us

Where you come to learn and grow!

Rock'N Play

Rock'N Play Childcare was established in 2019 by Jennifer Bennett, a Licensed Elementary Teacher for the state of Montana. She holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Minor in STEAM, a Bachelors Degree in Human Development with a Minor in Elementary Education, and has 7 years experience teaching in a public school setting-grades PreK-8th, and 12+ years experience in working with children of all ages in various settings.

Our Mission is to provide a caring and safe environment to all children by building positive relationships with each child and their family. Their days will be structured and allow for new learning experiences through child's play, guided lessons, and real-life experiences. In creating this type of environment, children will grow in all areas including, but not limited to; social and emotional, physical, intellectual, and gross motor skills. We strive to provide academic care to your child while in our care!

Rock'N Play believes in using child play and STEAM elements to provide each child the ability to grow and learn at their own pace in all areas; social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Children are encouraged to learn by doing and solving problems to real-life scenarios they will encounter. Staff will encourage children to solve their own problems by guiding them in instruction. Children will be provided a structured day to include free play, STEAM based activities, eating, sleeping, social and emotional guidance, and exploration outdoors. Students will be able to play with age appropriate toys as well as use their imagination.

STEAM Curriculum


  • What is STEAM?!

    • STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • What does STEAM do?

    • STEAM integrates age-appropriate standards ​into real-life scenarios that challenge students to find a solution to a problem.

  • What are the benefits from STEAM?

    • Children will not receive a segregated schedule to learn ​academics. All learning will be done through real-life scenarios to help engage students in finding solution to a problem they might have.

  • What types of real-scenarios are you talking about?

    • Children will be presented with a problem and they will find a solution while learning different academic elements.​

      • I need to find a way to store all of my toys​.

      • I have a box with a lid that broke, how can I open it?

      • I can't reach an item, how can I get there?

  • How are children taught?

    • Teachers will guide students in finding solutions instead of directing or showing them how. This will give students age-appropriate challenges and ​allow them to explore learning through child-based play.

Positive Reinforcement

We encourage positive reinforcement with all of our children using the Love and Logic approach and Kelso's Choices.
Love and Logic is an approach to focus more on solving the problem at hand than it is on a punishment. We encourage children to think their choices through. Children learn to understand how to keep our environment safe and why it is so important.
Kelso's Wheel is the tool we use to help children develop social and emotional skills while interacting with other children. We watch videos, role play, and have the wheel hung up to remind our children of the strategies they can use to deflect a situation. They learn the difference between a small and big problems.

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